1 Dr. Debasish Pal Principal, Dept. of Zoology Ecology, Molecular BiologySL.No. Name of the Faculty Members Department Areas of Research Activities

2 Dr. Gautam Mallik Dept. of Physics Spectroscopy (Solid state physics)

3 Dr. Aditi Bhattacharya Dept. of Philosophy Contemporary European Philosophy Existentialism and Phenomenology

4 Dr. Sidhartha Sanker Bhattacharya Dept. of Zoology Ecology

5 Dr. Sujay Ghosh Dept. of Political Science Political Sociology

6 Sri Pranab Nath Mullick Dept. of Physics Electronics

7 Dr. Tapas Samanta Dept. of Mathematics Complex Analysis

8 Dr. Jayashree Sarkar Dept. of History Socio-cultural; Gender

9 Sm. Chandana Samanta Dept. of Bengali Folk Literature

10 Sm. Basanti Bhattacharya Dept. of Bengali Fiction

11 Dr. Momotaj Begam Dept. of Bengali Modern Bengali Poetry

12 Dr. Chandana Giri Dept. of Chemistry Natural Product and Synthetic Study37

13 Dr. Bireswar Mukherjee Dept. of Chemistry Asymmetric Synthesis

14 Dr. Ratna Bandyopadhyay Dept. of Chemistry Homogeneous Catalysis

15 Dr. Nikhil Chandra Haldar Dept. of Botany Applied Phycology

16 Dr. Chandra Das Dept. of Physics Plasma Physics and Fluid Dynamics

17 Dr. Lina Paria Dept. of Physics Nuclear and Particle Physics

18 Dr. Subhamay Ghosh Dept. of Bengali Medieval Bengali literature

19 Sm. Tuhina Sarkar Dept. of Political Science International Relations Foreign Policy, South-East Asia

20 Dr. Shibsankar Das Dept. of Mathematics Bioinformatics

21 Dr. Suparna Banerjee Dept. of Chemistry Studies and Characterisation of Co-ordination Complexes and Supra-Molecular Frame Work.

22 Dr. Shyamal Kumar Sarkar Dept. of Chemistry Synthetic and Organic Chemistry

23 Sm. Soma Mondal Dept. of English Eco-criticism

24 Sm. Dalia Hazara Dept. of History Discreet Archeaology

25 Sm. Amita Ray Dept. of B.Ed (English) English Teaching Method

26 Sm. Supti Ghata Dept. of B.Ed (Mathematics) Concept Development in Geometry

27 Dr. Supatra Sen Dept. of B.Ed (Botany) Eco-physiology, Stress physiology  and Biochemical Ecology

28 Sm. Piu Bhattacharaya Dept. of B.Ed (Bengali) Non-formal and Distance Education

29 Sri. Gautam Biswas Dept. of B.Ed (History) History of Education

30 Dr. Uttam Purkait Dept. of Bengali Fiction

31 Dr. Niloy Kundu Dept. of Zoology Ecology and Wildlife Biology

32 Sri Santi Gopal Maity Dept. of Physiology Ergonomics and Occupational Physiology

33 Sm. Mousumi Goswami Dept. of Zoology Fishery

34 Sm. Swati Sarkar Dept. of Sanskrit Grammar

35 Sri. Hemanta Tripathi Dept. of Sanskrit Smriti

36 Sm. Jayeeta Dutta Dept. of Philosophy Ethics ; Moral Responsibility


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